Programme de la conférence Role-Playing and Simulation in Education (Boston)

À la Northeastern University juste avant Living Games Conference.
Quand: Jeudi 17 mai 2018, 9h-16h
Où: Northeastern University, Boston, MA
Prix: Gratuit pour ceux qui assistent à Living Games, prix à déterminer pour les autres
L’événement est de maximum 50 personnes

9:00-9:45am: Introduction
  • Celia Pearce, Northeastern University
  • Sarah Lynne Bowman, Austin Community College
  • Evan Torner, University of Cincinnati


  • Elizabeth Fein, Duquesne University
  • Kellian Adams Pletcher, Northeastern University

10:00-11:15am: Theories and Principles (Sam Anderson)

  • Maury Brown, “Edu-Larps, Experiential Learning, and Affective Domain Outcomes”
  • Samara Hayley Steele, “Understanding Larp Literacy: Noise Filtering, Direct Diegesis, Extradiegetic Statement Exchange, and Intradiegetic Objects”
  • Katherine Castiello Jones, “Encouraging Perception through Playfulness and ‘World’-Travelling: Feminism, Larp, and Learning”
  • Andrew Harris, “What Makes a Game an Effective Tool for Developing Social Skills?”

Techniques and Innovations (Will Osmond)

  • Rian Oliveira Rezende, “Wonder Cards Storytelling: Imagination, Storytelling, and Role-playing in the Creation of Objects, Spaces, and Experiences”
  • Amanda Siepiola, “Who Would Win? Edu-Larp vs. Dorothy Heathcote’s Mantle of the Expert”
  • Susan Weiner, “Case Studies as Tabletop RPGs”
  • Lux Faros, “Immersive Narratives, Personas, and Multi-intelligence Scaffolding”

12:45-2:00pm : Adult Education (Jason Morningstar)

  • Celia Peace and Lizzie Stark, “Teaching Video Game Design (and Feminism!) Through Larping”
  • Clio Yun-su Davis, “War in the Magic Circle”
  • Magdalene Loh, “Edu-Larping for Career Design”

Youth Outreach (Rebecca Slitt)

  • Mikael Hellström and Ken Keziej, “Year Zero Economics: Using edu-larps to exploring economic systems in the Ninth Grade”
  • Anna V. Konovalenko, “The Noon Project: Methodological Aspects of Socialization”
  • Andrew Lacanienta, “Creating a New World at Summer Camp”
  • Krysten Callina, “The Educational Micro-LARP: Redefining Live Action Role-play for Social, Academic and Therapeutic Applications”

2:15-3:45pm : Public Speaking Workshop (Kate Hill)
Edu-Larp Construction Workshop (David Simkins)

3:45-4:00pm : Closing Ceremonies: Celia Pearce, Sarah Lynne Bowman, and Evan Torner

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